wtorek, 17 września 2013

How to disable annoying java updates.

I use java. Every day. I know precisely what version I should use for given task, therefore I do mind being notified about "There is an update availabe. Would you....? "
NO. I would not :)

To disable this annoying feature on windows 7 (probably on every windows) you have to:
* run console as administrator
* run file C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javacpl.exe
* disable updated :)

Or you could run the file directly as an administrator, but using console is more natural to me :)

And that's all.

poniedziałek, 2 września 2013

SQL Developer and the User-Related Information Location

Sql Developer generates a lot of data stored by default in home directory. Usually it is not a problem, but if you have a quota on your directory, well... Fortunatelly there is a way to change the location of user related data: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18464_01/doc.30/e17472/intro.htm#CIHFCGCD
The only thing that must be done is to define IDE_USER_DIR environment variable.
Before doing that you should copy already existing data to new directory, or at least export your connections :)